Forgotten Estates: Million Dollar NW Foreclosures

When a million dollar development is constructed and a fortune is spent creating a residential dream, you would never imagine that this dream would be torn away. 

The residential real estate market has been suffering for as long as I can remember. It was once a booming industry and quarter of a million, and million dollar homes were not so under-valued. Residential and commercial banking has never been so directly involved with real estate foreclosures than they are now in this decade. 

There is a silver lining in the horizon for the luxury real estate world, but until that happens discover the Northwest’s most impressive million dollar foreclosures. 

Situated in Olympia, WA is this $1.375 million dollar unfinished mansion. The home was developed on 22+ acres of land with 5 bedrooms and 7.25 bathrooms. This modern estate was built reminiscent of a European castle for royalty, Prince William would be quite comfortable vacationing at this private retreat like mansion. 

The million dollar listing includes so many breathtaking features and for wine aficionados, a wine cellar built into the hillside. 

Take a peak inside this tragic million dollar foreclosure and if it appeals to your lifestyle, maybe you can make this house a home. 

It is so sad to see this massive wine cellar empty; so many bottles could call this cellar a home.