Creepy Scary Abandoned Mansions

It’s almost Halloween and the month of October is in full swing. What better way to get ready for the festivities that Halloween brings than with a creepy scary feature on abandoned, and possibly haunted mansions!

Forbes is usually my favorite place to go when I want to check out the lifestyles of the rich and famous. With such an eerie date up and coming however, Forbes has dished out what most of us are curious about knowing; where are the most scary mansions, and what is the story behind their daunting fate.

Who would maintain their property taxes each and every year, however not inhabit the residence? Well this Los Feliz, Californian estate has been empty since the 1960s when a doctor committed a brutal murder and then took his own life. No one has lived at this mansion since the tragedy and it remains empty indefinitely. 

Mudhouse Mansion in Lancaster, Ohio has the Los Feliz mansion beat in the respect that no one has lived at this amazingly eerie mansion since the 1930s. The name alone suggests the mansion is haunted. 

Did you know New Hampshire is home to a modern day castle? Well, even though no one lives at Kimball Castle, it is on the market for $880,000 and was featured on the reality series, Ghost Hunters. 

We all love hearing about bad stories becoming good. NFL’r Michael Vick once ran his awful and disgusting illegal dog fighting ring at this creey mansion in Virginia. The light at the end of the tunnel has came for dogs though, a nonprofit helping man’s best friend is going into the estate.

The end of an era, this estate once hosted Winston Churchill. There are a lot of rumors about this mansion and one includes the suspicion of being F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby inspiration.

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