The Homes of the Real Housewives

It all began in Orange County with the Real Housewives of the O.C. Who became infatuated with the drama, the parties and the homes? Well, I sure did and I still may be watching every season and every Housewives edition that has aired since the original O.C. series in March 2006.

Now each week beginning with the latest Real Housewives series - Miami, I will be featuring the fabulous Homes of the Real Housewives.

Tune in to my blog every Wednesday and check out the digs of these stylish, dramatic, extravagant housewives. After you catch up on my blog each week tune in to the television series which airs every Thursday on Bravo at 9/8c.

First up: Miss Adriana De Moura's Artsy Miami Mecca. Watch the Bravo video clip of Adriana walking you through her home and catch a glimpse of her fiance, Frederic.

Adriana describes her home as being a house full of art, literally. In every corner of the estate you will find original art work and priceless sculptures. One of Adriana’s most coveted art sculptures is of her aristocratic dog, Sir Dudley Do Right. If you care to tweet with him you can find him on Twitter.  

Adriana is musically talented and in her home’s living area is a classic piano where she not only entertains her friends, she serenades Frederic. 

The bedroom is like a treehouse to Adriana and has 360 degree windows looking out to the water and vegetation.

If you asked Adriana how she chose to design her living space, she would say it is decorated in a sparce matter with pieces that really matter and not cluttered with junk.

One of Adriana and her fiance Frederic’s favorite pieces of furniture is a rare original dining room table purchased from Sotheby’s.  

Stay tuned for next week’s blog series of “The Homes of the Real Housewives”! Want to connect on Twitter with me and chat up some of your favorite homes of the housewives from past seasons, find me @BeckyBarrick on Twitter.

Photos courtesy of Bravo TV.