Champagne Caviar, Aboard the World!

Vacationing and planning exotic travel is a highlight to our daily lives. Could you imagine living a vacation day in, and day out? Aboard The World cruise ship allows you to live that dream land fantasy. Aboard the World is a 644 foot cruise liner and home to 165 private on board residences. This is no ordinary vacation cruise, this is luxury living at its most swankiest. 

Currently The World residences is docked at Seattle’s pier 66 and will leave today at some point to set sail for an exotic far away destination. Passengers live aboard The World, and traveling is a daily occurrence. Residents of The World live an exclusive lifestyle where every few days they wake up to a new destination. Discover life on The World, could you imagine waking up to the smell of the sea, being whisked away for a Balinese spa treatment, and ending the evening with a Scotch tasting night cap with your loved one? Sounds pretty unreal, but completely amazing!

Photo Credit: West Seattle Blog